Friday, January 30, 2009

Kiddos at the Gym

I've been trying to go to Jake's new gym a few times a week to run and 'mentally cleanse' my mind. We usually go in the morning, and Jake is on Daddy duty for about 30 minutes while I run laps. JJ likes to 'shoot around' with Jake while Jayla plays on the floor. Earlier this week when we were there JJ and Jayla's friends were there too, with their Dad, Julian, who coaches and does individual training sessions for the players. We have gotten to be good friends with Julian, and his wife Stacy. They have a son also named JJ, and we found out one night that their baby JJ was born on July 23rd (and our JJ was born on July 22nd)! Pretty cool. Julian & Stacy also have a 4 year old daughter named Nyla, and she and JJ cruise around the gym like they own it. They find all sorts of crazy things to do like turning bumper pads into slides, playing follow the leader, and of course, twisting their Dads arms into buying them numerous unhealthy snacks and candy from the vending machines! Sometimes JJ goes with Jake in the mornings to the gym for some boy time, and when I come and pick him up all I have to do is look at his shirt to see everything he has eaten that morning.....usually m&m's, mountain dew, gatorade, cookies, etc. Anything with sugar and caffeine usually tops the list. Here are some pictures that I took earlier this week of all of them at the gym....
Baby JJ & Jayla

JJ gets consoled by Dad (Nyla accidently shut his fingers in the bathroom door)

JJ & Nyla doing what they do best....snacking

Daddy duty!

What a life (Jayla & baby JJ)!

I wish the paparazzi would leave us alone.

Thumb suckers

We make eachother giggle.

Big smile for mom!

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Kendra Dawn said...

So cute!!!! I love how JJ always has his favorite shirt on...the Kansas shirt!!:)
Where do you get those leggings for Jayla...those are just adorable!

Miss ya