Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cinnamon & Sugar Toast

A few days ago I stopped by my neighbor’s house to pick up some clothes she had set aside for Jayla. I walked in the front door to the kitchen area and was greeted by her and her sweet little kids. I looked to the right into the kitchen where I saw her daughter, Mya, propped up by the toaster on her footstool. As I chatted with my neighbor I watched Mya as she buttered some bread and then reached for a tall glass shaker….full of a mixture of cinnamon and sugar! All of a sudden the memories came flooding in and I exclaimed (actually I think I shouted), “IS SHE MAKING CINNAMON & SUGAR TOAST?!?! I USED TO MAKE THAT ALL THE TIME WHEN I WAS HER AGE!” Somehow throughout my last 20 some years of life I had forgotten about this sweet treasure….literally, I really have not remembered it in 20 years! But in those moments I flashed back in time to when I was a little girl....I used to love cinnamon & sugar toast and I made it all by myself, all the time. We also had a little canister/shaker of the mixture all ready to go for breakfast time….just like Mya did. The next morning I decided to re-live the glory days and I made myself a few pieces of my somehow forgotten treasure. It was just as I remembered. That morning I also made it for JJ, who refuses to ingest any sort of breakfast except for a glass of milk. Could this possibly be the one thing that he hasn't tried that would spur a new found desire to eat breakfast? I prepared him beforehand for the excitement that his taste buds were about to enjoy. I waited in anticipation as he took the first bite… “mmmmm….yummy” he said, and then he didn’t eat any more of it…..not even one more bite.....hmmmm, I guess I am the only one that could get this excited about 2 pieces of bread. However, I do wonder how many other things like this I have forgotten about?

Here are some other newly found favorites of mine (Jayla & JJ were my 'Barker Beauties' this morning):

Dunkin Donuts Coffee
For those of you who need caffeine to survive (I am with you) this is the best coffee I have found. Smooth, no aftertaste, and no stomach-rot feeling after the first cup! Seriously, try it. You’ll never go back to TAR-bucks again.
Flip Sides Pretzel Crackers
I can't even explain these....just try them.

Hooray for the rediscovery of forgotten memories. :)

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Brandon and Jill Nicol said...

When I was @ the store today I picked up some Flip Sides, so good!!! Your barker beauties are so adorable. : )