Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some of My Favorites About JJ

That he sits like this to eat at the table...

That his imagination [still] takes him into his own little world (pretending he is John Cena and reenacting WWE episodes – this is a daily game of his!).

His stencils. At school they have an art center station which they do for about 30 minutes in class (this is in addition to going to actual art class). You can use paints, markers, scissors, paste, stamps, etc. but for whatever reason JJ has gotten absolutely hooked on tracing stencils! I can just picture him sitting there concentrating so hard while he traces. Every day when he gets off the bus he can barely wait to fly in the house and show me each one that he did in class. I just love seeing how excited he gets over making these!  This picture shows 3 days worth of his stencils.  Every day he has around 10 in his take home folder! I had to tint the picture because some of the tracings were hard to see on the darker paper...

His freckles!

That he asks Daddy to work him out and put him through drills!!!! And he reminds me so much of Jake as he cruises around those cones!

And I just have to show you this sweet little picture that JJ drew last weekend. On Saturday morning he all of a sudden announced that he was going to draw a picture of our family! This was SO random for JJ. He has always enjoyed coloring but he never draws free-hand just for the fun of it! He sat at the table and drew away for about 30 minutes with his colored pencils (using mainly blue which is his favorite color)! They just learned how to draw stars in art class so he was pretty excited to include those in the sky.  Once he was all finished he asked me to help him spell each of our names and he wrote them in next to each of us in the picture. I love how he included Jennifer and Florence in the picture as well. My suspicion is that God is working in him and preparing his heart for their arrival, and this is the way that those workings are starting to show face. LOVE little kid artwork!!!


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