Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some of My Favorites About Jayla

Her CRAZY morning hair!

That she’ll randomly break out into a headstand, somersault or bridge anywhere, anytime!

That she reminds me so much of when I was a little girl! Like her love for kitties…

FLASHBACK: Mommy and her kitty Molly back in 1987!!

…and her fascination with ocean life and wild animals! My mom and I used to live in San Diego, so Sea World was my zoo growing up. I LOVED marine life all the way up through college, and although we live in Iowa, Jayla somehow has this in her heart too! We go to the library about once a week and each time she heads straight for the section of books about animals. Her favorites right now are learning about…

...and I'm sure you can guess her favorite movies right now too...yep, Dolphin Tale and Free Willy (FW 3 that is)! :)

Still at the top of my list of Jayla favorites is that she can hold her own among the boys!

I also love watching her imaginary play. I snuck in this video of her having a very serious conversation with her imaginary friend ‘Casey’ on the plastic phone while she made dinner! HILARIOUS! It’s very hard to hear because I had to take the video on my phone in secret so she didn’t see me….but if you turn it up full blast you might be able to hear her talking about Nana and Esi (Yaw’s parents), Jennifer and Florence, and at the end she’s telling Casey to not be late for ‘the party’! By her body language and facial expressions she could totally fool you into thinking that someone was really talking to her on the other line! :)

I giggle at how she SCREECHES at the top of her lungs whenever she gets me to pick the Old Maid!!!!

I ♥ having someone to do girly things with like hair and nails!!!!!!!!

And my FAVORITE favorite is having a little someone who wants to do everything I do. She wants to wear ‘tight’ (her word for skinny bottom) jeans like I do, she walks like I do, wants long hair like mine, has the same train of thoughts that I do, talks like I do, rolls her eyes like I do :) and tries to ‘mom’ her brothers around like I do. It’s so cute to watch her try and copy my every move. Most days I am tripping over her once or twice because she is literally trying to stay right in step with me, following me everywhere! As a mom, you just don’t quite get to experience this sort of mini-me effect with boys!


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nick&abby said...

okay, her morning hair is awesome :) It is a BLAST having someone want to be just like you! Also, a little humbling and major accountability ;)