Monday, July 30, 2012

At the Lake

We just got back from the last tournament of the season for Jake’s high school teams. For this particular tournament a family in the Kingdom Hoops program, The Prewitt’s, have opened up their lake house for the past 2 years for us and the players to stay at; their lake house is near where the tournament is held in Kansas City. This saves our Foundation about $4000 on hotel costs for our scholarship players, and of course gives the added bonus of some fun in the sun and on the water! Last year at Christmas dinner Justice told us that our time at the lake house was his favorite thing that we did all year! No doubt, my kids may be growing fins as we speak – they LOVE the water, and especially have enjoyed getting to experience ‘lake life’! Some pictures of our fun….

Little lakesters...

Loved watching Justice's expressions while he was on the tube!  Pure joy!
Jayla opted to take it easy on the boat! :)

This year the Prewitt’s introduced us to one of their favorite summer activities: Tie dye! JJ was really into it!

And here’s how our shirts turned out! Pretty cool!

Heading out on the boat to take the high school boys tubing.

Since we got home Jayla has been crying because she “has no one to play with”. She and her bestie Chloe spent every moment together the entire time we were at the lake - they were inseparable! :)
It’s been so good for me to see how much Jayla really desires friendships with girls, because I think that will help her with the transition of Jennifer and Florence coming home. I keep reminding her that soon she will have two sisters to play with!

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