Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Moves

Warm-ups….Jayla always likes to be nestled right next to the older dancers that help with her class. :)

I think I got first position down, mom.

When Jayla first started dance class over the summer she would get so distracted with seeing herself in the mirror that she couldn’t focus on imitating the teacher! :) Now she’s getting better at it!

They are learning moves to 4 counts right now. It’s so interesting watching their progression of skills that will lead them up to being able to do an entire routine during the spring recital. Rumor has it they are going to be mermaids! This ‘sport’ is all new to me, and I am having fun learning all the ins and outs as we go!

They do about 10 minutes of gymnastics at the end of each class….


Balance beam.

And they just started learning how to do back flips (is that what they are called? or are they back rolls? back bends?).

Jayla’s FAVORITE move from dance class is the bridge.

When we are at home she’s always asking everyone if we want to watch her do the bridge. “Yes, Jayla, we’d love to watch you do your bridge for only the 10th time today.” Gotta love it!

Oh, and, if you’re going to be a dancer, you’ve got to be able to display different emotions, right? Let’s just say we’ve got that part down too!

love, Love, LOVE, LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mandy said...

what a sweetie. Her facial expressions in the mirror are adorable :)

Renee said...

oh man, I know a little girl just like really need to get them together! love the pix of her expressions - priceless!

Tori said...

She is soooo adorable, Janel! Her expressions remind me so much of Tess at that age! Dance is lots of fun. Enjoy her!

Nate and Jenna said...

Oh man I could just reach through the screen and squeeze her!! How stinking cute is she in her little outfit! Love her!!