Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In Her Eyes

A conversation with Jayla after watching a medical segment on the nightly news ~

Jayla: “Mommy, why do we have blood in our bodies?”
Me: “Because that’s how God made us.”
Jayla: “How did He make all these things?”
Me: “He just spoke and it happened.”
Jayla: “You mean, did He have a magic wand?”
Me: “Nope, He just had to say it – like ‘Let there be light’ and then the sun came out. That’s how powerful He is.”
Jayla: ……thinking…...“Did He have to go like this (flexing her muscles)?”
Me: “Nope. He just had to speak things into existence and then they happened.”
Jayla: “Oh....”

1 comment:

Laura said...

I love it that what He has done is so amazing to a
child and how God wants us to see what He has done the way a child sees it. :)
I want to see it this way everyday.....:)