Tuesday, October 11, 2011

JJ ~ ESPN Analyst

Oh my sweet JJ….how I love him! I wish I could have a hidden video camera in our house keeping track of our conversations throughout the day. The video below was the best I could do to give you a little taste of JJ’s mind as it relates to sports. You really can't get the full-effect though until he engages you in a general conversation about teams, and upcoming games, and players....Jake and I call him a little ESPN analyst. :) I realized after I took this video that I forgot to ask him more of the scores from last weekend’s games….somehow he is able to memorize the final scores and team records and can recount them at the drop of a hat! Hang on until the end of this video to get your giggle in for the day!

This is another thing that JJ loves to do in random break-out sessions throughout the day….throw the ball up to himself and get caught up in imaginary games, complete with play-by-play announcing. He will do this for an entire hour without getting bored!

His mind is all about football right now….it will be interesting to see if he switches gears once basketball season rolls around!

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Lori said...

Gpa Tim interviews JJ after his 'basketball games' with a wooden spoon and Gpa dresses up in a shirt and tie. It is hilarious. I might have a video of it. :D