Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Loving Summer!

Yesterday I let Justice go to our neighborhood pool with a friend and his friend’s old babysitter. He came home with a proud smile and a green band around his ankle……which means……he passed the swimming test for the deep end!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was SO excited and told me the whole story at about 80mph. The deep end has been the talk of his summer world! Since mid-June he’s been trying to work up the nerve to attempt the test. At our small neighborhood pool, if you can pass the test then you can go down the water slide and jump off the diving board in the 12 foot water!!!! That’s why he was so excited! To pass the test he had to swim the full length of the pool down and back with his front stroke, and he had to tread water for 30 seconds (he learned to tread water for 15 seconds during swimming lessons earlier this year). According to his story, Justice made his friend go first to see if he could do it. :) Once his friend passed the test, Justice knew he could do it too....and he did! Not to worry though, I heard there is a good lifeguard at this pool.
Meanwhile, JJ is still little enough to be enjoying our inflatable pool at home. As with anything, if you can add a basketball hoop to whatever he is doing, he will be entertained for a looooonnnng time.

The perfect summer dunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Renee said...

love the idea of the ankle do they have to wear it when they are at the pool? maddie is now a "deep end" swimmer...scares the you-know-what out of this gramma! :)

Janel said...

Yes, the band is removable so he just puts it on when we are headed there so they know he's already passed the test. Problem is we don't always go to that pool, so he'll have to work up the guts to pass the deep-end test at the other 2 pools we go to!!!! :)