Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fo-hawk by Mom

Before the boys left for the last 10 day tournament trip a few days ago I needed to give JJ a haircut. He surprised me when he requested a mo-hawk! Since it was going to be the last road trip of the summer, I decided to give it a try just for fun. JJ’s sweet personality certainly does not go with this hairstyle, but I knew it would give him a little extra swagger in his step and that he would have fun with it. The ‘in’ style now is actually called a fo-hawk (or faux hawk), which keeps the sides a little bit longer than a traditional mo-hawk…and instead of just leaving the strip of hair in the middle you use some gel to give it a more styled look. David Beckham probably sports the best fo-hawk. Here’s what we came up with for JJ…

All the high school Kingdom Hoops boys loved it when they saw JJ’s new ‘do. They started calling him Chris Andersen from the Nuggets!

Ahhhhhhh!! Before they left I had to show Justice how to help JJ style it with the hair gel. Can you picture that bathroom scene in the morning?


Farmgirl Chaos said...

Great job Mom! You can take posed photos. You can give 'cool' haircuts. What's up next? {And way to save lots of money in the process!}

Lori said...

Love it! He looks so old!