Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 2 at the Lake

Yesterday I had to prove to my kids that even momma has skills!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah baby, I still got it!!!

Our host Nikki also took us out on the big tube as a family! The only way Jayla said she would go is if we went really slowwwww. :) She was so scared, but she did it!

We also got the wave runner fired up and Justice and JJ took their first ever ride (and Jake and I got to cruise around the lake on it a few times too)!

JJ and Justice have not been out of the water for more than 5 minutes since we’ve been here, except to eat! JJ also loves going on the boat while all the KH boys go tubing, wakeboarding, and skiing. Justice told us yesterday that being here is his favorite thing that we have done all summer! I believe it....that boy LOVES the water! JJ too. Other than the water sports the boys have had fun jumping off the dock, floating around on the air mattresses, and just swimming around with all the Kingdom Hoops guys.

And here is our big group….serious pose….

Crazy pose…..

Today games start up again, so it’s back to business!

Have I mentioned how much I love being at the lake?

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Lori said...

ah, great fun! I'm there with ya...and know what it does for body and soul to be by the water :D I think that family pic should be on your cmas letter :)