Thursday, July 29, 2010

Keeping Busy

Well, the boys are on the last tournament trip of the summer! Hard to believe that this year’s summer season is almost finished. They’ve been keeping me updated on their fun with pictures taken on Jake’s phone….

Here was the first one that I got……

And then this one came later…….

Hmmmmm……Coach Julian must have brought his hair clippers and set up shop at the hotel! Um, that is a leetle shorter than mommy cuts it boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, us girls have been holding down the fort and getting ready for the arrival of Nana Yaw’s family! We’ve got the spare beds set up, meals planned, groceries purchased and house cleaned. It’s a good thing I can put Jayla to work…..

The only thing we haven’t done is mow the lawn because I may get injured learning how to operate a zero turn mower by myself. Don’t worry we’ve also taken some time out of the preparations to…..

Make some brownies!

And to go on a little beach date with our friend Max.

You’ve seen that JJ is a fish in the water, and little sister isn’t too far behind….here is a cute video….towards the end she is hollering “Maxxy, come in the water!” She calls him Maxxy! Lord help us!

And here we have a video of the little mommy getting everyone situated for story time:

And just had to upload this video as well so you can see little-miss-sassy for yourself!

Boy is Esi in for a surprise when she sees Jayla now! Here’s a picture of them during Esi’s last visit over a year and a half ago……

We are very, very, very excited to see Esi and the rest of Yaw’s family! Their flight arrives this afternoon!!!!!!!

We didn’t hear anything from the Embassy regarding Samuel’s visa, so we trust that God must have a much better plan.


renee said...

Omygosh, Jayla and Maci are in the same "NO! Stop it!" mode :) Loved this post.

Kendra Dawn said...

Jerzey and I LOVED the new videos....when I get to the bottom of todays post, Jerzey said she wanted "more Jayla!"

We need to get these girls together SOOOON!!!!!!