Sunday, July 5, 2015

Need Your Help to Fight Sex Trafficking in Ghana

Dear Women - I feel so heavily in my soul that you need to know this: We have sisters who right at this moment are being violated, hunted down by money-hungry men to be forced into prostitution. In other words, their 'job' is to be raped. And not just once. Day in, day out, their 'job' is to be raped over and over again. If you have ever felt the devastation of being raped, just imagine this fate awaiting you every single day of your life. Imagine as the evening falls, that a pimp comes to your door to take you against your will for your nightly assignments. Imagine the fear in your heart each night as you anticipate hearing his footsteps, dreading your worst nightmares coming to life yet another night. Imagine being stripped of your clothes, your dignity, your humanness, your worth, and for many young girls - your innocence. And not just once, imagine this scenario happening over and over and over again. They are our sisters and they are being treated as slaves - as though they were put on this earth to fulfill the sexual desires of men at any cost. They have no hope of education, they are drugged and coerced into addiction in the midst of this, they become impregnated from these rapes and their children either become orphaned or used as leverage for threats if the women ever try to run away. And just let your mind think for a moment of the psychological and emotional trauma these women are experiencing, that just gets deeper as each day goes by.

Men - you are to be God's human form of protection to us women in this world. You cannot stand by and allow this to happen. Step up. You've been given powerful positions, leadership, voices, resources, that many of us women haven't. God created us out of your rib. We are part of you. We are your daughters, your sisters, your wives. Please. It is your God-given duty to protect us, care for us and to intercede when evil pursues us.

Church - We cannot sit back and coast through this life, saved and free, while our sisters are waking up each day to a living hell. We were meant to not only bring souls with us to heaven someday, but to bring heaven to earth NOW. So let this unnerve us, let it tear our hearts to pieces, let it lead us to storm the doors of heaven with heavy - bold prayers, let it affect us and mess with us and make us uncomfortable. But far be it from us to numb ourselves, to turn the other way, and do nothing. Not on our watch, Church!

Right now our non-profit, Acts 2 Collective (we've recently changed our name - more details coming later) has a husband and wife team on the ground in Ghana in which all of the above is being exposed to them. The picture below is of the wife - Katie - being begged by a 12 year old sex trafficking victim to help her and get her out. We have people in position in Ghana to help and to physically do the things that need to be done on the ground to intercede. And now we need your help. We need financial resources to help get these victims out of their situation where they can then be cared for, loved, and rehabilitated. We have started to intervene into this sex trafficking ring with what finances we have, trusting in faith that God will provide what is truly needed. Our goal is to get 36 new 1200 club members so we can move with full force in these efforts. That's a pledge to give $100 a month - which works out to be $3.29 per day. If you can't do that how about $50 per month, or a one time donation? As we've just come off a day in America of celebrating our freedom, I plead with you to consider these women who wake up each day to a life of being hunted and dehumanized. We can do something. Click here to donate:

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