Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Word from our Short-term Missionaries in Ghana

Written by our team's short-term missionary, Michael...he and his newlywed wife are serving with our non-profit ~ Acts 2 Collective (previously known as Kingdom Cares International) in Ghana for the summer.....

If you truly want to follow Christ, it will take everything you have. My heart is burdened, heavy, but yet compelled in a way that I have never felt before.

For those of you that are not familiar with what my wife Katie and I do....we are starting a ministry in Cape Coast, Ghana to rescue women from sex trafficking/prostitution. We are also looking to expand into child slavery as well.

In order for us to find the women we need to help, we have to go out in the middle of the night, and also deal with pimps and other people that society frowns on. Walking through clubs in the middle of the night with prostitutes doesn't give you the best reputation. Not everyone really understands what we are doing, and the ones that do (gang members, pimps, customers, ect) aren't too thrilled about our efforts to eliminate their income.

God made me strong....Physically, mentally, emotionally, and the grace of God. I believe God put men in a position of power. He also gave us a great responsibility to provide for and protect women. So when I see women being dehumanized, I believe that it is my responsibility to intercede in any way I possibly can, and to the best of my ability. When these women are brought to Katie and I wanting our help, I do not take it lightly. It is a terrible tragedy to watch people all over the world take advantage of vulnerable women and children.

This weekend, Katie and I had the opportunity to rescue the first two women from this world. These were two 6th grade girls caught up in prostitution. They are now far away from Cape Coast, smiling and enjoying their dream of attending school. When I returned to Cape Coast today, I received a list of 10 more girls that have been identified and are wanting our help. All ages 13-17.

Jesus was willing to minister to people that "society" frowned on. I want to bring light into the darkest places, love people who have never been loved, and do whatever it takes to show people Christ. In the end, when the girls grab my hand and say thank you all while shining with hope in their was all worth it. No matter what.

There is no greater joy than showing someone how much they are loved by God. So when a girl seeks out my protection and feels safe by my side, may I show them where they can find true strength and hope. There is no greater strength than the power of Christ that is afforded to all that believe!

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