Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Jasara!

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to our little miss vibrant, swagger-filled, spunky, spontaneous, highly interactive, determined, bold, unwavering, persistent, it's "her way or the highway", she's got a lot of "fight" in her (which Daddy plans to channel to the bball court!), future point guard, likes to be in charge, secret Italian, doesn't stop talking even while brushing her teeth, cutest little knock-knees, knows how to work a crowd, she'll get you with her alligator tears and lower lip pout, incredibly observant, uncanny ability to imitate our every move and word, my cooking apprentice, creative, makes her own fun, energized by people and social environments, sprints to greet people who come to our door with shrieks of excitement and a hug. Jasara Florence Sullivan, aka Flo-Flo, we are still giggling and shaking our heads, knowing we have NEVER met anyone quite like you! You are one-of-a-kind and add so much personality and wildness to our days!!!

When we visited Jasara in Ghana I noticed at meal times that she was insistent on cutting up her own food with a knife! Surely this was from observing her caretakers preparing and cooking food....she embodied so many of the movements and mannerisms of Ghanaian women even at the age of 1.5! Upon homecoming I weaned her off real knives by giving her a plastic knife to use with her food. She still loves to chop! I found this food set pictured below at Target complete with a knife and cutting board.....it is wooden and the pieces are segmented with velcro so she can chop away. She loves it and it has become the first toy she goes for each day!

She also loves pushing cars (or anything with wheels) around!  Found these girly cars at Target as well!

We love you lil momma!!!!

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

{Did JJ break his arm/wrist? I thought I caught a little bit of cast in a picture.}