Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Almost Home

I wanted to once again ask for your help in aiding ‘my boy’ Christian home to his forever family. It was two years ago now that I met Christian in Ghana – abandoned by his biological parents, living as an orphan, blinded in one eye from abuse, and carrying a past that no one would ever want to bear. But what got to me most was his engaging personality that evidenced a heart of perseverance and joy - despite what he had been through. God kept bugging me about Christian, and I knew I was to help him, and that help would eventually come by getting him on the adoption track. Despite his special needs and older age (usually the last orphans that people want to adopt) a family ~ the Litzke’s ~ stepped up and opened their arms, opened their hearts, and opened their checkbook to this boy and his adoption. Adoption is expensive. No average income family has the money sitting around to fund an international adoption. The Litzke’s have had to rely on donations and fundraisers in order to fund this adoption – which is quite a humbling, trying, and yet faith-rousing position to be in. They are now to the very end of the process, waiting on the issuance of Christian’s visa. The final expenses for Christian’s adoption process still remain to be raised, and I plea for your help in donating ANY amount (large or small) that the Lord lays on your heart. I’ve prayed and asked Him to lay specific amounts on hearts. If you get a number in your head, the Lord sent it and I pray that you will act on it cheerfully as God’s agent. I am hoping to help the Litzke’s raise a total of $3500 which will go towards plane tickets (estimated $2500), March and April foster care fees ($150/month), as well as pulling together the other miscellaneous travel expenses (like lodging) which will incur once they can travel to Ghana to bring home their boy.

You can donate online by clicking HERE. Once on the donation page you will need to select GRACE fund, and type “Christian” in the donation designation text box below.

You can also mail a check to the Adoption Advocates International office – just specify “Christian’s GRACE fund” in the memo line. Here is the address:

Adoption Advocates International
709 S. Peabody St.
Port Angeles, WA 98362

If you would like to get caught up to speed on just who this Christian is, you can read many of the previous posts I’ve written on him HERE, although these are not arranged in order of date.

Praying him home...

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