Monday, December 31, 2012

Hoopin' at 'The Well'

JJ’s team got to play in a tournament this past weekend at the big sports stadium in Des Moines called Wells Fargo Arena AKA ‘The Well’. Iowa doesn’t have an NBA team, but if we did, it would be somewhat equivalent to getting to play in a famous arena like that! ‘The Well’ is also where our high school state basketball tournaments are held. This was a special opportunity that spelled out
T-H-E   B-I-G   T-I-M-E
for these lil’ boogers!

JJ smiles pretty much the entire time he plays! 

The wing man waits patiently for a pass....

Got one!  The lefty cruises in the lane for a jump shot!

JJ's lively cheering section!  Better get used to it Sullivan's....I believe bleacher butt is in our future!

JJ defending his friend Darius....while smiling.

Every once in awhile JJ gets to be the point guard!

How did this fashion statement get past the mom-radar?

1 comment:

Lori said...

It was great seeing you & your beautiful family at the "Well" and
seeing JJ's contagious smile! He definitely was in the moment and loving just playing at the "Well".

Lori Nielsen (Angie's mom)