Monday, May 21, 2012

Rock Star Party ~ 4 Year-old Style

Getting ready. :) Jayla’s hair curls so easily!
The cake reveal! My mom made the cake at her house so Jayla didn’t get to see it until right before the party. The theme Jayla had picked was ROCK STAR – just perfect for her spunky personality right now! :)
All dressed, fancied up, and sportin’ the birthday girl strut (I told you she’s spunky!)!
Waiting for her friends to arrive…..
I literally prayed for a warm, sunny, even hot day because I wanted all the kiddo guests to be able to run like mad outside in the yard. I had high hopes that I would be able to set up the sprinkler for the munchkins to run through because it is one of Jayla’s favorite things right now! And it ended up being the PERFECT weather for my plans!

Time to open presents (and to finally find out what is in that big box)!

A playhouse!!! With 2 more daughters on the horizon, we thought this house was a grand idea – but we didn’t realize that someone else would be pretty stoked about this gift too – big brother JJ! Once he saw what it was he was SO excited – I know his wild imagination was just itching to get the chance to play pretend in there. Before the playhouse was barely even unwrapped Uncle Eli couldn’t wait to get his hands on it and get it all put together. :)
And as always, the kids had just as much fun playing with the box – this apparently never changes no matter how old you are!
In less than an hour Uncle Eli had it ready, and let’s just say it was a full house!

And to finish off the festivities….a lil “Happy Birthday to You!”….
A big 'ol plate of ice cream for the birthday girl….
And a spin around the block on her new bike from Grandma Lori & Grandpa Tim!!  Leading up to Jayla's birthday when we would ask her what she wanted she would say, "I want a horn so I can honk at people and tell them to get out of my way!"  Her friend Max got her the bike horn and it is a hoot - she honks everytime she sees a car coming. :)
So, it was a fantastic party - Jayla is more than blessed with all the friends and family that care about her so much!

And a little fast forward – the kids thoroughly enjoying their new playhouse in the days after, with big brother leading the way in the imagination department.
And Jayla deciding to take one of the bears Justice got her for a ride around the town (only the special toys get to go on adventures past the front door). :)

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