Friday, May 18, 2012

A Passionate Burden

If you listen, God will show you something that makes your heart ache on behalf of His. He will bless you with a burden.

If you're like most normal people, you're probably wondering, "Why in the world would I want a burden?" Most of us feel good when we avoid burdens—after all, isn't life hard enough? Why ask God for more trials, trauma, and tears? It's normal to want to avoid pain, human even. But God didn't put us here on earth just to feel good and enjoy ourselves. He doesn't give us our lives so we can master techniques in avoiding pain.

He puts us here to make an eternal difference.

He puts us here to show everyone around us how much He loves them.

He puts us here to be His hands and feet, His body, and His heart.

[excerpt from article posted on Catalyst]


MatthewandJennifer Pitkin said...

Amen! That's exactly how we feel about being orphan care and adoption advocates in Jesus' name!

cyrusmuwanga said...

God actually gives us burdens to help us grow spiritually.