Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

This is Jake’s busiest time of year now with tournaments on the weekends as the next few weeks are what is called the ‘live period’. This is what his high school kids have worked hard for all year long – they now get the opportunity to play in front of college coaches and earn their way into a scholarship!

For 8 years now our family has traveled alongside Jake and his teams and made the weekend tournaments a family affair. Our kids of course LOVE getting to travel to different places, and especially enjoy the part of getting to stay in hotels. :) JJ and Justice are quite popular among the high school players and are treated just as if they were the players’ little brothers. Jayla has her own fun in the stands hanging out with the players’ younger siblings and making many trips to the concession stand for her beloved popcorn! Most of all, we soak up the family time together that we work so hard to get to all week!

Some pictures from this weekend at the NY2LA Spring Extravaganza tournament in Hopkins, MN….

See any college coaches that you know?

Imagine the pressure of playing with all those coaches lined up about 2 feet from you along the baseline with a potential scholarship offer hanging in the balance!

Jake’s says, “You’ve got to love that pressure and let it ignite you so much that when you step on the court you are ready to rip someone’s head off!” Yikes! :)

Jayla with her friend Javaria (who has two older brothers in Jake’s program) – now you can see what I mean about the creativity that goes into styling hair that I take notice of at these tournaments!

Thanks to I actually know how to do this style (Wa-hooo!) – these are called box braids, but I won't be able to do these until our girls' hair gets longer. Javaria’s mom let me pick her brain about their styling and hair care routine for her girls and tracked me down later on to give me her phone number in case I have any questions along the way. :) So nice and helpful!

Jayla soaks up all of daddy’s attention in between games!

And I was able to sneak in taking this video on my phone without Jayla knowing. She was in a FULL conversation with her baby doll - I have yet to be able to catch this on camera until now. Hard to hear exactly what she is saying, but you can sure read her face! She always reminds me of the little girl, Bonnie, on the movie Toy Story 3! :)

Coaching is intense!

But all the hard work was worth it - 17U Platinum Bracket (the TOP bracket play) CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!

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Renee said...

Oh I love Jayla's expressions! I believe she is telling her baby to stay put when she leaves! Love how she closes here eyes and looks sideways! She is definitely a second-born!