Wednesday, April 18, 2012

From the Mouths of My Loves

JJ ~ “Mommy, sometimes after I make a basket I can’t stop smiling.”

Justice ~ “Do people really wrestle alligators? Is that real or fake?”

Jayla ~ “How much longer do we have to wait? A couple of whiles?”

JJ ~ “God can do anything! He could make it 5:00 right now if he wanted to!”

Justice ~ Heading to his eye doctor appointment: “Why can’t they just make a shot that you get in your eyes so that you never go blind?”

JJ ~ “Last night I had a dream that my front tooth was wiggly. Jayla what did you dream about?”
Jayla ~ “Ghosts, pirates, and bubble gum!!!!!!!”

Justice ~ At prayer request time one evening: “I want to thank God for giving me a better life.”

Me ~ “Alright, let's get dressed for church.”
Jayla ~ “Is Max going to be at church today?”
Me ~ “Yes I’m sure he will be.”
Jayla ~ “Ok, I’ll go to church then.”

Me ~ “Guess what JJ? You go to school on Friday to practice for Kindergarten!”
JJ ~ “But I don’t know how to do Math yet!!!!”
Me ~ “It’s ok, that’s what school is for – they will teach you how.”
JJ ~ “Oh, so school is like basketball practice?”

Justice ~ “Mommy, you see how in the United States when people turn old their hair turns white? Is my hair going to turn white like that?”

Jayla ~ “My hair is getting longer and longer and soon it will be just like my mommy’s.”
JJ ~ “Well, I’m getting some hair under my arm pits.”
Jayla ~ “My daddy has hair under his arm pits.”

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Renee said...

LOL! Love the armpit comment by JJ! Can't wait to hear how he likes his kindergarten "practice." Love this post. Oh, the things kids say!