Monday, February 13, 2012

Justice Hoopin'

Well, we’ve come a long ways since Justice first dribbled a basketball in the dust of Ghana back in December 2009!

Now he gets to start on Jake’s Kingdom Hoops 3rd grade boys team.

The team is a combination of 2nd and 3rd graders from around central Iowa. They have tournaments about every weekend, and most often play ‘up’ in the next age level bracket (vs. 4th graders) so that they can develop their skills against higher competition. Justice’s ball handling has gotten so good, and probably the best part of his game right now is dribbling full court through defenders into a lay up.

I don’t video-tape the entire games, so I try to catch little clips on my camera when he is about to score. I have yet to be quick enough to catch him in one of his break away lay-ups, but it is so fun to watch him dribble in and out of defenders and score it! Here is a little video I grabbed of him scoring after his team gets the rebound.

Justice gets to throw the ball in on the out of bounds plays, and he also gets to help bring the ball up the court.

His free-throws are another skill that he has tremendously improved on! Soft and easy!


In between games - a sign of the times - all the boys engrossed in their video games!

And Jayla of course has to be the center of attention among all the player's siblings during the games!

Right now Justice is only participating in basketball. He decided to end his taekwondo career about 6 months ago – he told us he was expecting it to be more like ‘the movies’. :) It got to be kind of hard too because he wasn’t able to go to the taekwondo tournaments since it’s our family time on the weekends traveling for basketball. He is very excited to also get to start playing tackle football later this year, and I am excited to see what position they put him at. For now, the Sullivan hoopster tradition carries on!

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Toccara Ross said...


I am so glad you and your family are doing well... You all were on my mind and hearts today and I thought Id swing by and visit the blog. I hope the family is doing well.

-Toccara Ross