Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jayla Reading to Me

Jayla is on a new kick of wanting to read to me! She flips through her books, page by page, and makes up a story that goes along with the pictures. She would do this for an hour if I sat there with her the whole time. I decided to videotape her the other night so we could always remember this! Really wish I would have pulled her hair out of the way so you could see her emotions as she reads! She really gets into it! You have to turn your volume all the way up because the boys are chattering in the background…in this video JJ is heckling Jayla and she stops mid-read to correct him. :)

This next video is more of the same, but since the other got cut off at the end, fast forward this one to the end and you can see her GIANT smile of accomplishment once the book ends. It’s so sweet!


Kendra Dawn said...

Jerzey really enjoyed seeing Jayla in action!!!

kendra said...


LAUGHED OUT LOUD on that one! and SUCH a little boy remark to "poop in the door!?!?!" hahahaha