Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas-time Tradition

Every year since I've been a little girl my mom and I always got together with my Grandma to schedule a baking day to make Christmas cookies and candy! This is a tradition I LOVE and that I am passing onto my kids. Some years they are more into the baking than others, but either way they so look forward to this day to hang out, relax, and be a part of whipping up the goodies. Here are some pictures from our Baking Day 2011!

Jayla and Great-Grandma

Justice and Great-gram make a good team!

The boys get to work on making peanut butter balls.

JJ was easily distracted by his wiggly, second loose tooth!

Cookie cut-outs with Grandma Lori (these are the kid's favorite thing to make....they get really zoned in!)

Sprinkles anyone?

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