Friday, May 6, 2011

Things I've Learned As A Mom

I've learned that.....

Sometimes the best kinds of bouquets are hand-picked dandelions that come with a little voice saying, “Mommy, these are for you.”

A trip to the ice cream shop makes for an exciting date!

TV tray tables make good holding spots for mid-project legos!

I've learned that.....

Being a mom comes in all different shapes....


and colors.

I've learned that.....

I could get some things done a lot quicker by myself, but allowing little hands to help is worth watching their excitement and sense of accomplishment.

Kids grow up in the blink of an eye.

I've learned that.....

God gives mothers unique intuition….for instance, there is no such thing as picking out too big of a dining room table!!!!!
(If you all only know how much teasing I endured when I picked this large table out 7 years ago. Everyone told me it was too big! Guess who's laughing now!)

I've learned that....

God gives daddy’s a different way of thinking that equips them as great advice-givers…even for the toughest of situations.

And, getting a picture of all of my kids smiling and looking directly at the camera by the second take almost NEVER happens, but when it does, it melts my heart.

I’ve learned that…..

A little girl singing along to the radio in the backseat can lighten my mood.

A game of family baseball offers some of the greatest memories.

And if I need to be convicted of my mothering faults, I just need to observe how my children interact with one another for 5 minutes!

I’ve learned that….

Boys do not have the ability to pick out matching clothes on their own!

Four year olds have a unique skill that helps them to weasle their way into sleeping with mommy and daddy at nighttime.

Little girls copy their mommas, and at times it can be quite humbling.

I’ve learned that….

Siblings fight. And it’s ‘normal’.

Kids have a lot of questions.

And things get broken…..a lot.

I’ve learned that….

Even the littlest of things can make a mommy tear up…like reading the book ‘Forever I’ll Love You’ at bedtime, or noticing that a childhood treasure is left home alone all day and isn’t needed much anymore…

My ‘Power of a Praying Parent’ book is going to get weathered and worn before any of the others!

And, I can’t parent on instinct. I must be thoroughly mindful of my every thought, word, and action.

I’ve learned that sometimes parenting brings out the worst in me, and I don’t always measure up to the mom I want to be. But, when I look at these 3 sweet faces, I know I serve a Great God who has given me one blessing after another, in the fullness of His grace. And I know He will use my role as Mom to conform me into the likeness of Christ, just as He uses other experiences, whether big or small. I know that I won’t always be able to give my children everything they want (like a little brown eyed girl who ONLY wants a puppy for her 3rd birthday). But I can lead them to a relationship with the One who can fulfill their every need and give them abundant life….for now and eternity.

Thank you Lord, for my kids!!!!!!!!!! I feel SO blessed!

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alan and steph said...

what a sweet blessing it was to me to read this Janel! I LOVE your heart and love how God is using you for HIS agenda. Sending much love this Mother's Day weekend :)