Friday, May 20, 2011

She's 3!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Jayla Joy today!!!!!

We celebrated last night with the purple-est party ever to hit the town of Huxley!

No I didn't make this beautiful cake. Thanks mom. I was in charge of making the punch and managed to turn it from purple to brown! Everything else stayed perfectly purple though!

Even the boys wore purple (or some shade of it)!!!! Anything for Miss Jayla!!!!

Friends and family came to celebrate...

And then it was time to tear open those purple presents!

Meanwhile, a secret present slept the party away in Daddy's car.

And once all the presents were opened, it was time to reveal the surprise!

Yes, she REALLY REALLY wanted a puppy for her birthday but she was still purr-fectly happy to get a sweet kitty instead.

Kitty will have to get used to the craziness around here! No hiding under the couch allowed!

Oh good he isn't a scaredy cat afterall!

Jayla we love you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! May you always send your wishes up to God and allow Him to answer for you!

Happy 3rd birthday sweetie girl!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Kendra Dawn said...

I love ALL the pictures...Jayla is so sweet!
Can't believe the girls will both be three....where has time gone?????

I also LOVED the purple themed party!