Tuesday, September 15, 2009

those pants; living breathing tomato; starts tonight; little girls and trucks and little boys and babies; crickets; mom's night out; rolls

(Time to get out some randomness)

Did your kids ever become attached to a certain piece of clothing? Well, this is all new to me. JJ recently has found a certain piece of clothing that is his favorite.......
BRIGHT ORANGE & BROWN pajama pants! The minute we get home from going somewhere, the first thing he does is change into these pants. We are used to JJ getting fixated on certain things like his blue blankey, the same old song that must be played each time we are in the car, starbursts at the gym, toaster scramblers every morning for breakfast, and Dora the Explorer every morning from 8-8:30, but I cannot get used to seeing him wear these pants every waking hour - and sleeping hour!

Remember when your mom used to say, 'if you eat one more (insert something) you are going to turn into one!' Well, I am about to turn into a fresh garden tomato, JJ is a macaroni & cheese noodle, Jayla is starting to look more and more like a cheez-it, and I swear I woke up next to a 44 oz diet pepsi this morning. What are you about to turn into?

My favorite tv show starts back up again tonight:

I studied Exercise Sport Science in college and I must say, I am a wanna-be Jillian! That girl knows her stuff! My favorite part about the show is that the trainers emphasize the emotional connection we have with food. One of the first things the trainers do other than execute work-outs and revamp eating habits, is to somewhat become psychologists. By about show 4 the trainers have gotten to the bottom of almost every contestant's emotional reasons as to why they are in the physical shape that they are in. This show does such a good job of showing the correlations between our feelings, emotions, life experiences and our physical bodies. You know where you will find me on Tuesday nights at 7pm!

Have I mentioned that kids are funny? Like Jayla who loves to play with JJ's monster truck....

And JJ who likes to play with his 'baby'...

He feeds baby, dresses baby, and puts baby down for naps! I love 3 year olds.

Crickets drive me crazy. The chirping, the hopping, the creepy whiskers or eyebrows or whatever those things are. Last week there was a cricket in our entertainment center and I could not find it anywhere. First I heard the chirping over here, then over there, then in the front, then in the back. Finally I got so annoyed that I unloaded the entire entertainment center and stuck our big fat cat in it so he could find it. Kudos to Vegas. He did his job and the cricket was found and squished. I could do without crickets.

The other night at my dearly treasured - much anticipated - what will I wear - who is coming - pick us up in the mini-van - blast the Jon Mayer - margaritas and lettuce wraps - vaccination talking - did you hear what my kid did chattin - picture takin - Daddy is babysitting - MOM'S NIGHT OUT, we played a fun game. The game was to go around the table and share something that everyone else might not know about us. I thought of 2 things: 1) I was salutatorian of my graduating class (okay, okay it was only a class of 49 but I bet you didn't know that about me!) and 2) I've dissected a human cadaver. I know you didn't know that! Dare to play?

You've waited this long for the end of my randomness, and now it is here! My mom sent me the below pictures the other day....that is me as a toddler on the left, and Miss Jayla on the right.
Now you know where Jayla has gotten her rolls from!


Lori said...

JJ likes those pants because 'gramma' bought them :). Love the food analogies and LOVE-LOVE the biggest loser...I can relate. And Jayla playing with the monster truck in a dress - that's my girl!

Jon and Jennifer said...

Wow Jayla looks so much like you did when you were her age!! Love the Biggest Loser too!! It's a tie tonight between that and the finale of Big Brother...oh how I love DVR!!!

Jen said...

First, I am a MAJOR Biggest Loser fan, too! I'm excited for the first episode tonight!

Second, that is CRAZY how much Jayla looks like your picture when you were her age! Very fun.

renee said...

omygosh i LOVE the pic of you and jayla! and jj with his baby and jayla with her truck :) I'm hoping to start watching BL - i heard there's a girl from DSM on it this season!

Tamara B said...

I'm still laughing at that post...
I'm so glad you're not Jillian - do you know how many "beeps" I heard while garbage was coming out of her mouth the other night? I think Ryan and I are going to be stuck on that show all season. I watch it and pray for us to want to be healthier - not sure if that works but the show makes me long for a healthier self and husband.

What would I turn into - unfortunately right now that would be butter toffee sunflower seeds... no wonder I still have a gut!

Yes Jayla looks just like you. Show the picture to JJ and see if he recognizes anyone in it. We love showing our kids pictures from back in the day and hearing who they think it is.