Thursday, September 10, 2009

Adoption Update

From our case worker last Friday:

I spoke with Pastor Gideon this morning. He has been ill this week but will see the boys' mother at church on Sunday. Once it is confirmed she is moving forward, they will plan to visit the Dept of Social Welfare to begin the paperwork. I will phone him Monday to see how the discussion went on Sunday.

From our case worker on Tuesday:

I spoke with P Gideon this morning. He had the opportunity to speak with the boys' mother on Sunday and she does wish to move forward. He also noted he will see her today and will deliver the letter you wrote. He is working to arrange the appointment with the proper authorities at the Dept of Social Welfare.

This all sounds very positive. However, until the meeting with the Dir of Social Welfare has spoken with the mother I would like us to remain somewhat reserved, i.e. 'guard your hearts'--just a bit.

So, that's where we are at. If you think of it, please pray for the mother of these two boys.....that she would have peace with her decision, and that God would give her the strength to move forward if this is the right decision for her family. Thanks!

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Tamara B said...

definitely praying for them and for you guys!