Thursday, November 2, 2017

Who is Acts 2 Collective and What Do We Do?

Acts 2 Collective has ministries in 4 African countries including Ghana, Chad, Sierra Leone, and Central African Republic. Within these ministries we have 2 children’s homes, 2 mission centers, 3 schools, and a women’s center in which we care for over 150 orphans, serve nearly 1200 students, and provide programming and education to vulnerable women and children in the various communities we serve. In Chad, Africa specifically we have coach and athlete training and discipleship training through the platform of basketball. We also have a partnership with AgriHope founded in Ankeny, IA which is helping us to implement high-yielding farming techniques on our campuses as we move towards self-sustainability. One of our greatest needs is to have a consistent flow of donations coming in to cover our monthly budgets for each of our campuses. If you are one of our 1200 Club members or if you are donating on a regular basis, you are helping us to meet this monthly budget need which provides for the following:

Food, basic care, and school fees for the children living at our children’s homes and mission centers such as Bismarck (pictured up and center) who lives at our mission center in Ghana.

Due to a medical condition, Bismarck’s mother abandoned him after his father passed away due to illness. Bismarck is one of the children who is under our full care and is relying on our organization to help him to have a hope and a future.

Staff salaries and ministry partnerships. We have over 40 native, in-country staff members working for Acts 2 Collective such as Marc Toingar in Chad, Africa (pictured left).

Marc receives a very meager monthly salary from A2C and he does amazing things with it – like planting a church on a military base! We also staff numerous teachers, cooks, campus directors, house mothers, program managers, and the list goes on.

Medical needs brought to us such as John's...

John was suffering horribly from a condition called elephantiasis. This condition is a parasitic infection transmitted via an infected mosquito that causes extreme swelling in the limbs as a worm invades and reproduces in the bloodstream. Your consistent monthly donations made the way for John to begin on the pathway of medical treatment after suffering from this infection in his leg for an extended period of time without financial means to go to the hospital. With A2C’s financial assistance John was able to have surgery to relieve the fluid in his leg and has since been put on medication to see if the condition can be remedied without amputating his foot.

Although these are physical needs being met, they are having a spiritual impact. Take Ali for example.

As a young boy Ali was sponsored by Acts 2 Collective in school. As Ali continued to be discipled by the leaders of our organization he was exposed to the gospel over and over which culminated in his desire to leave behind his Muslim upbringing and become a Christian. Ali is now working as a teacher at our Acts 2 Collective Christian School in Asikuma, Ghana and is following after Jesus.

In addition to our monthly budget, you will also see us fundraising for specific needs or projects that require additional funding on top of what is received in our budget….such as our recent ask for help purchasing 1500 Bibles for the Chadian military, last year’s “A Home for Christmas” need, our Central African Republic school lunch program, individual school sponsorship program for Sierra Leone, and building projects such as the finishing of our school on our mission center campus in Asikuma, Ghana.

That’s a brief overview of us and our ministries! Please know that you are always welcome to jump on an upcoming trip with us and experience any of these ministries first-hand! Let it be known that we could not sustain our programs or our organization without your financial support! Thank you for your giving!

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