Wednesday, April 19, 2017

In Need

Acts 2 Collective cares for over 150 orphans and serves nearly 1200 students within our 4 mission centers and 3 schools across the continent of Africa.  Within those big numbers are individual lives - each with a face, a name, and a story.  Many of the lives we care for have very specific needs that we must tailor our care around to best help their situation.  Such is the case for Patrick (pic top left), Kwaku (top right), Sarah (bottom left) and Malwin (bottom right).

Due to Patrick’s age and academic background, Patrick does not qualify for secondary school in Ghana. So for the past 6 months A2C has been sponsoring Patrick to go to technical school to learn a trade, of which he has picked to study automobile engineering (he will learn to be a mechanic).  This school is also a boarding school where Patrick lives.  Last fall I posted a request to find someone to sponsor Patrick for the year, but we did not have any takers.  So A2C absorbed Patrick’s school fees and living expenses into our Ghana budget. 

I have shared many pieces of Kwaku’s story on our A2C Facebook page, and there are more to come.  Kwaku is absolutely thriving at the special needs boarding school that A2C sponsors him to go to.  Because of Kwaku’s disabilities, the individual attention and tailored learning environment at this special needs school has set Kwaku up for success.  We have seen him completely transform – socially, emotionally, and physically.  We have been so impressed with the educators, staff, and experience that Kwaku has had at this school that we also would like to send one of the other children in our care with special needs, Sarah, to this school.  Currently Sarah resides at our mission center in Asikuma, Ghana but our A2C school on campus that she currently attends does not provide the best fit or educational environment for her needs.

I have also posted details of Malwin’s miraculous recovery in which the Lord has brought her out of the grip of physical death and suffering into health and stability.  Malwin currently lives with a Ghanaian foster family who are also staff members of A2C.  Due to Malwin’s specific situation, we needed her to be close to the capital city for the best medical care, and also to be in a stable environment where she can receive customized nutrition for her medical needs.  A2C is also covering the school fees for Malwin since she is no longer living at our mission center and able to attend our school on our campus.

For those of you who are 1200 Club members, these are the types of situations and the faces and the souls that your money is going toward.  When I mentioned above our Ghana budget – well, it’s the donations from our 1200 Club members that carry such a big brunt of providing for expenses like these school fees that come within our monthly budget.  But we are in great need for more 1200 Club members to join Acts 2 Collective.  Last month we were not able to meet our Ghana budget.  Giving has been down since the start of the year, and come late March we had to form a plan to at least send over enough money to cover feeding the children at our centers.  That was priority and everything else including staff salaries were put off.  From there we went into emergency funding mode and one of our A2C team members was able to get the shortage covered through reaching out to his personal contacts.  All of this to stay, the steady funds we receive from our 1200 Club members are an integral part of our funding.  And we are in great need for more.

I am asking if there are at least 4 people who would be willing to come on board and support Acts 2 Collective by becoming 1200 Club members?  This is a pledged, recurring donation commitment of $100 a month.  4 new members would cover school fees for one year for Patrick, Kwaku, Sarah and Malwin.  To get set up you can email me at or to join right now you can go to  Please help us to be able to continue our mission and keep moving forward.

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