Friday, September 18, 2015


On our August trip to Ghana, one of the needs brought to us was that of Regina. 

Our Acts 2 Collective team was taken to Regina by our in-country staff member, Claudius, who had come across her need while visiting her community during an outreach in Cape Coast, Ghana. At the time Regina was extremely sick, lethargic, malnourished, 8 months pregnant and all alone. A2C had since been providing for her prenatal care, getting her to doctor's appointments, providing food, and ensuring that she returned to health so that she could be strong for the labor process. 

Earlier this week we had reason to rejoice as Regina gave birth to a healthy boy weighing in at 6 pounds 13 oz! He was named Kobina which means Tuesday born.

Mom and baby were discharged from the hospital yesterday, yet the story and need did not end there. Regina is 15 years old. She does not have experience in handling a newborn baby or in taking care of herself as a nursing mother. Abandoned by her own mother as a young child, Regina is on her own.

Traditionally in Ghanaian culture it is customary that a new mother receives care and training in how to be a mother from her own mother. It is customary that the grandmother of the new baby prepares meals for the mother while she regains her strength. The grandmother also passes on the practical knowledge of how to bathe the baby (of utmost importance in Ghana to prevent infections), care for a newborn, and teaches the nursing mother how to care for herself – eat appropriately for breast-feeding, etc. There are other cultural values of motherhood that a new mother gradually learns as her own mother walks her through it. Unfortunately, Regina has no one to walk her through this.

In order to meet this need, earlier this week A2C interviewed for a motherly figure in Cape Coast who could serve as caretaker to attend both mother and baby. Yesterday a surrogate care-giver was hired, and just in time as Regina and "Koby" headed straight to her home upon leaving the hospital.

Heading to the home of their new care-giver.

Baby Koby all tucked in at his new "home".

Our staff explains our commitment to the caregiver.

Getting baby Koby his mattress, mosquito net and bath kit.

These are the types of real situations and real lives that you are impacting when you give to A2C. Specifically, we are always looking for 1200 Club members who can pledge to give monthly and help us to meet needs that come to us, just like Regina's. You can find out more and sign up to be a 1200 Club member here:

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