Friday, February 1, 2013

Birthday in Da House!

Happy 6th birthday to our light-hearted, sweet and gentle-spirited, hair-styler-in-the-making, ruffle skirt wearing, sparkle loving, chicken eating, giggle-box, “Mommy, see me!”, “Daddy, can I play with your phone?”, “I can’t wait until Jesus comes and takes us to heaven!”, “Oh, I LOVE to dance!”, matching game professional, natural nurturer, content to run and play-play-play, banana every morning, social, easy friend maker, Pinkalicious readin’, Dora watchin’, fun-lovin’ sister, song-singin’, genuine, friendly, glam girl ~ Jennifer Christine Sullivan!!! You were hand-picked by God for our family – out of millions of little girls in Ghana – the more and more we get to know you, the more God’s Sovereignty in bringing you to us shines through. We love you sweetheart!!!!!!!

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Stephanie Mcdowell said...

She is so beautiful, look at that radiant smile! Happy birthday to a girl who (based on her moms post) is just as beautiful on the inside, if not more!