Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Exciting News!!!!

Yesterday morning we received the email we had been waiting for!!!!!!!!!

Dear Jake and Janel Sullivan:

This is to inform you that the I-600 petitions filed for Jennifer and Florence have been reviewed and APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [ emphasis added is mine :) ]

This office is in the process of forwarding your approved petitions to our Consular Section at post. You will be contacted by the Consular Section on the procedure to be followed, to enable you proceed with subsequent steps.

This concludes all action by USCIS, Accra on these petitions.

Thank you
USCIS, Accra.

WHOOOOOOOP WHOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!! This brings us to the next and last step of our adoption process – acquiring our girls' visas!!!!!!!! From here I can email the consulate section tomorrow (which allows 2 business days for our approval to be forwarded to them from USCIS) and request that our visa packet be picked up on Wednesday, September 19th by our power of attorney in Ghana. (It takes them 1 week to get the packet ready).

Simultaneously, for the past month our power of attorney in Ghana has also been working on getting our girls' passports. Once the passports are ready (any day now) and the visa packet has been picked up, our power of attorney can get the visa medicals underway for Jennifer and Florence. Once we have their passports, and the visa medicals are completed, we then email the consulate again to request a visa exit interview appointment for the following Monday or Tuesday. Yes, I said VISA EXIT INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After the interview is completed we then wait until their visas are printed.

We learned through Justice’s adoption to WAIT until our power of attorney has the visas in hand before making travel arrangements. As soon as those puppies are printed we will get our flights booked!!!!!! We are getting soooooooo close to bringing our girls home people!!!! ♥ ♥


Mandy said...

great news!!!

MatthewandJennifer Pitkin said...

This is such joyful news! Wow, this adoption is moving fast but praise the Lord Almighty that HE is bringing your girls home! How wonderful!!! We will always keep you and your family in our prayers!