Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Justice!!!

When we first set out to adopt in 2008, my biggest fear was that the child we adopted would ruin our family and be mean to our children. Instead, God came through for us. He matched us with an orange-headed African boy who had the same exact hair color as our other children. And that was only the outward evidence that he was a perfect fit for our family. Justice, out of all of us, is the most compassionate, the one who is the most genuinely and authentically concerned for the well-being of others. He always puts other’s needs before his own, and is constantly displaying unselfishness. My heart holds story after story after story of the kindness and care and love that he displays towards JJ and Jayla and many others. I know God is going to use Justice’s servant heart to lead many people into His Kingdom. Thanking God today that adoption was in His plan for our family. Love you buddy –

HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

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