Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chef Justice

For the past few weeks, every day when Justice gets home from school the first thing he does is make an omelet on the griddle – complete with chopped onions and tomatoes! And he makes it all by himself….I didn’t even show him how to make it the first time! One day I just smelled some cooking after he’d been home for a bit, so I went out into the kitchen and there he was standing at the griddle flipping the eggs! These sorts of omelets are really common in Ghana. In fact, when Justice's 'uncle' hosted us at his home during our first trip to Justice's village, his wife made us these omelets accompanied with bread and bananas. I asked Justice how he acquired his omelet skills yesterday when he started cooking….here is what he said:

After I took the video I realized that I should have asked him a few more questions while I was recording! Later I asked him how they cook the omelet in Ghana since they don’t have an electric griddle. :) He said they use a pan with cooking oil over a fire. I asked him what omelets are called in Ghana and he said they just call them ‘eggs’. He said he thought it cost about 10 cedis to get all the ingredients from street vendors….eggs, tomatoes, onions, and salt. I wish I would have asked him more questions while I was taping, because he was really willing to talk and share during these particular moments! It’s so fun that he can communicate easily in English now because he is starting to recall and be able to put words to a lot of his memories from Ghana!

Love him! ♥

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Lori said...

the funniest thing is that BBQ turner! LOL.