Friday, September 9, 2011

Jayla Update

Some recent conversations with Jayla:

“Mommy, when will I be a baby again?” (she asks me this ALL the time!)

“When I was a baby, what color was my pacifier?”

Talking to Jake while we are driving in the car:

Jayla: “Daddy, one time I smelled a skunk and it went up my nose!!!!”
Jake: “Oh!”
Jayla: “Yeah, and skunks have to take baths in ketchup. They have to drink it!”

Jayla is just an absolute hoot right now! She LOVES telling stories and being oh-so-dramatic. She even talks out loud to herself and has conversations with herself. Sometimes she’ll sing about what she is doing in a sort of monologue like, “right now I am going to put my shoes on and then we are going to the sto-oh-ore.” She is also still instructing and scolding JJ and Justice as if she was their momma. If she is trying to play a game with them she will sort of boss them around and set down all the rules of how she wants them to play….then when they don’t follow along she gets REALLY mad! She loves, loves, loves playing with other girls though, and gets along very well with girls her age, or girls who are older. Most of all I think she just enjoys that other little girls can relate to how her mind works….she doesn’t have to try and convince them to play with her like she does her brothers. :)

Other random things about Jayla…..she changes her clothes/outfits CONSTANTLY – like literally 4-5 times a day, she is the s l o w e s t eater ever….always the last one up from the table, she loves watching real-life animal shows right now like the Animal Planet channel or National Geographic animal series, she is constantly practicing the moves she’s learned in dance class – she’ll walk around the house swinging her hips saying “Daddy I am doing my sugars” or “Mommy you want to see my bridge?”, she can hold her breath underwater for a considerable amount of time and just recently started to be able to “dive” for diving sticks, she LOVES LOVES LOVES ice cream just like Jake – her favorite thing is to have a bowl full in our bed right after her bath at night, she is always asking us to rub her back and her feet, and she has also started to notice when things are pretty like my flowers outside our front door….we walked by them one day and she said “Mommy I like your flowers! They are sooooo beautiful!”

Love her! My plan was to get some updated pictures of Jayla during dance class on Monday, but with it being Labor Day they didn’t have class. They are doing some new techniques like learning how to walk on the balance beam, and A LOT of new footwork! I will post more pictures of her next week.

I love my kids SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so fun watching their personalities form and emerge….they are each so unique and different…..I think that is what makes it so fun!

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