Saturday, August 13, 2011

We're Back!

Hi friends!!!!!!!! We made it back from Ghana yesterday day later than scheduled, but home safe! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!!! Oh boy, did we feel them! God revealed so many things to us individually in very personal ways, and we SO felt protection from the enemy in specific situations that could be seen by our entire group. Many of us also had prayers answered right on the spot, which was so supernatural and such a testament to God's grace. One of the last days of our trip we each got to go around and share what our trip highlight was, or what God taught us. I can assure you that every single member of our 16-person team had a clear answer as to why they think God brought them all the way across the world to Asikuma, Ghana. I have SO MANY stories to tell you, not to mention 905 pictures to sort through and blog about! :) I need the weekend to love on my kiddos and get regrouped (can you believe school starts this week for Justice?!)! I should be able to start telling about our trip on Monday!

I am convinced that Jesus came not just to prepare us to die, but to teach us how to live.
~Shane Claiborne~

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Laura said...

Welcome home. I'm happy the trip went so well. God always works things out!!