Friday, April 8, 2011

Refugee Resettlement: Class for those interested in volunteering

As you know, our Foundation has been helping to raise awareness for the refugee resettlement program in Des Moines (USCRI). We’ve been collecting donations and spreading the word about the need for volunteers within the organization. I will be posting on the Adopt-A-Refugee program next week. Today I wanted to let you know about a class that starts tomorrow which will share about the refugee experience:

WHO: This is a class for USCRI volunteers (or those interested in volunteering), for the general public, and for those just wanting to know more about refugees.

WHAT: Topics will include refugee camps, refugee personal stories, volunteer experiences, and media presentations on refugees. Attendees will have the chance to meet recently resettled individuals and families from around the world. Inspiring stories will be shared from veteran volunteers who have helped newcomers begin their lives in the United States and are eager to share about their rewarding experiences.

WHEN: 10 am-11 am, every other Saturday starting TOMORROW, April 9, 2011.

WHERE: USCRI Des Moines, 100 Euclid Avenue, Suite 105, Des Moines, IA 50313 *Located inside the Park Fair Mall*

Also, the Spring 2011 newsletter for USCRI Des Moines was just completed. To sign up to receive the newsletter, or to read the touching feature story of the first family resettled in Des Moines, click on this link:


Alexandra said...
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Alexandra said...

how many times do the classes meet? is there any registration in advance?

Janel said...

No registration in advance....not sure how long the class will run. Email for more questions. Valerie will be teaching the class. :)

The Last Crusade said...

I am so jealous we don't have this in SC. Sounds like my dream (volunteer) job!!