Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Home From Ghana!

Everyone is home from the Ghana trip! I’ve been listening to story after story as Jake excitedly shares all the details from their amazing experience. I CANNOT WAIT until my mom starts uploading her pictures…..all 614 of them! They are going to be so good! Jake keeps on saying that they made tremendous progress for the foundation on this trip….we have so much to talk about. He also mentioned that he and the rest of the Kingdom Cares team got to experience just about everything you could possibly encounter in Ghana. Their trip was so rich, and the newbies certainly came away with a greater understanding of the country which was one of the main purposes for this first ‘vision’ trip with a missions group. Jake is already planning out the next trip and who he wants to invite! Watch out, you might be on the list! :) The next few days are going to be so fun as the trip highlights unfold and Jake reminisces about his time in stories and pictures and videos.

Here is Jake with the newest host student that has arrived via Kingdom Cares International…..just take a wild guess what the host student’s name is……yep, SAMUEL! :) Jake and Samuel are pictured with Samuel’s new host family….the Diers family from Pella.

Samuel will start school this semester at Pella Christian as a junior. Because of the transfer rule he will have to sit out of sports for 90 days, but he will be able to participate next year for his senior year. You can check out the Diers’ blog here: It's going to be so fun keeping up with them!

And here are my beautiful Ghanaian gifts that Jake brought back for me:
A beautiful hand carved end table, a necklace, handwoven wall art, and a bag for my laptop! Jake is a great gift-picker-outer!!!!!! Glad my hubby is home!

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Lori said...

Can't wait to meet up with everyone again and share stories.