Thursday, November 18, 2010


I am so not a movie person which is why it is laughable that I am writing a post on movies….which you would have never known from the title of this post….which was purposeful because I thought no one would take the time to read this if you knew it was about movies. But now you know, and now you’ve got to read on. So, have you seen this movie?

This is the new Karate Kid movie….a remake of the classic. Jake rented this one a few days ago for JJ and Justice, but everyone in the house got hooked! It was on continuous play for almost half a day, and I wish you could have been here to see the crazy boys in my house…..the picture below was taken on the 3rd time the movie was playing. By this point they sort of had certain scenes memorized and were really into it. This was the end of the movie at the big match. And all my boys were on their feet, cheering on ‘Dre’. I think they seriously thought they were there in the stands. Of course by the time I fumbled around and found my camera the mass chaos was almost over, but you still get the point....

Notice Justice doing some kung fu moves. He was definitely the one who completely embraced this movie the most. After the 3rd run on the big screen he wanted to watch it again. Since we had to return it the next day, I figured we might as well make the rental worth it so we moved it to our little portable DVD player. Jayla decided to snuggle in as well. :)

If you would have gotten to observe Justice watching this movie as I did you would have seen how he seriously may have thought that he himself was the main character. The main character of this movie, Dre, gets bullied in school, which causes him to want to learn how to be able to fight back. During the bullying scenes, Justice would talk to Dre out loud, really seriously saying ‘don’t do that’ or ‘watch out he’s gonna get you’ and on and on. Whenever Dre was fighting Justice would get up on his feet and pretend to fight along with him real intensely! It makes so much sense that Justice would love this movie because about a week after he was home with us Jake asked him what sport he wanted to learn. And he said he wanted to learn how to fight. Hence, also, his Halloween costume choice….the ninja. The day we came home with his costume he put it on right away and then within about 10 minutes he was out at the end of our driveway practicing ninja moves. I wish I would have gotten it on video. People driving by had to wonder what on earth was going on.

Since I’m on a movie roll, let me tell you about one more movie I just saw. If I am going to watch a movie I usually have to go to the theater where I am forced to sit there and get my money’s worth. Otherwise if I try to watch it at home I feel myself being pulled away into housework and the millions of other things I should be doing rather than sitting on the couch! Anyways, here’s the movie....went to this one with some girlfriends the other night....

Wow. Wow. Wow. From the opening scene I was hooked. This movie was so emotional, stressful, and so REAL. The characters were just so every day REAL. There’s no other way to put it. This movie is actually about adoption, and it does a really good job of elevating the love birthmothers have for their children in making the decision of adoption for their child. I literally woke up with knots in my shoulders the next day though. There are some really stressful and heart-wrenching scenes in this one.

There you go. Two good movies to see for all you movie-goers out there.

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